• Team DGTHUB
  • 2 January 2020

Influencer marketing has grown exponentially in recent years. There are many brands that use this lever to increase their brand awareness and sales.

The influencer Marketing is growing, but what is the news of 2020?

Resorting to Influencer Marketing for brands that want to grow on Instagram is a real resource. The budgets invested in this lever are constantly growing and the results, if the collaborations and activities are studied, are really positive. The influencer Marketing is an activity also accessible to SMEs. The results are excellent especially for new emerging brands, which need visibility to make themselves known and intercept their target customers using social media.

Let's see in detail which are the main trends planned for next year:

1. The frequency of posts

According to Fohr , an Influencer Marketing platform, the habits of influencers regarding the publication are changing. In fact, for next year, Fohr predicts that influencers will publish on their profile only twice a week , while today we are witnessing an almost daily frequency. The only exception is for Influencers with 250,000-500,000 followers, which will probably increase their publication frequency.

2. The Hashtags used

Despite all the changes in Instagram over the last year, the targeted and pertinent use of Hashtags has remained one of the key factors to intercept their audiences on Instagram. The use of brand Hashtags by influencers can result in a substantial increase for the company of new customers targeted with their product. From an analysis of Fohr , it emerged that the use of Hashtags by the Influencers has almost quadrupled in the last four years. Hashtags remain a key factor in growing your Instagram page and consequently your customers.

3. Caption

Although Instagram is a visual social media, in recent times we have witnessed a greater use of captions, especially by Influencers. By 2020 the captions will have an average length of 405 characters, or about 70 words.

4. Micro and nano influencers

The collaborations with micro influencers, that is influencers who have between 10,000 and 50,000 followers, are increasing more and more. It has been found that the involvement rate is higher than the established influencers and with a greater following. The advantage of micro-influencers is that their audience is niche and often very interested in specific topics. The trend of 2020 is therefore confirmed in the direction of micro-influencers, as much as possible in line with the values and the reference public of the brand.


1. Pay attention to the selection of Influencers to work with

Every collaboration must be carefully studied and analyzed with reference to the brand's marketing strategy. The choice of the collaborations will be key both for the image with which to associate one's own brand and for actually intercepting its own target customers.

2. Pay attention to the frequency of collaborations

Pay attention to the frequency with which the chosen influencers publish sponsored posts in the feed. The risk of having too much sponsored content could lead to content saturation. Also, nobody wants to see just collaborative posts, otherwise partnerships may seem less authentic for an influencer audience.

3. Create long-term projects

Activate long-term collaboration, request not only posts but also Instagram Stories and IGTV videos, in order to establish strong company-influencer-follower loyalty.

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